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Submission Guidelines

Travel Buddy Games is currently accepting submissions for games that meet the following three criteria:

Travels Easily

Travel Buddy Games must be small enough to travel with easily. Ideally they are games that will fit in a space about the size of two decks of standard playing cards side-by-side.

This doesn't mean we only want card games. Tiles, dice, and wooden bits are fine they just have to be compact enough that our players can take them on the road, rail, sea, trail, or anywhere else they want to travel.

Quick to Teach

Travel Buddy Games must be approachable. We want our players to be able to break these titles out with strangers they meet in their hostel and be playing before their new acquaintances run off in search of another beer.

Rules should be no longer than a single sheet (double sided with graphics) The focus should be on getting to a fun, social activity quickly without a lot of rules overhead.


Travel Buddy Games must be thematically tied to a Travel destination. We want our games to make people want to visit the places they are themed after and will include notes on the location depicted in every title.

Whether it's a game about hiking the Alps, finding the best Singaporean hawker center, or riding the Deutsche Bahn in a quest for the perfect pilsner, we want games that show us something about the world and inspire us to get out in it!

How to Submit Your Games

If you think you’ve got a game that meets the above criteria, we’d love to see it!

Bringing great games to the public is not only our business, it’s our passion. If you’ve got a design that you know would be just right for us, send it in and give us a chance to evaluate it.

Your game doesn’t need to be 100% complete but it should be well into prototype testing and getting positive feedback from playtesters before you submit your design.

Rules should be written and in a state that new players can learn the game from the document and these rules should be made available to Travel Buddy Games upon request.

If the initial submission seems promising, Travel Buddy Games will request a physical prototype for further evaluation.

If the above resonated with you, let’s start a conversation about working together and bringing your game to the world! Send a brief description of your game, along with a short video of gameplay to

Travel Buddy Games
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