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The Backpacking Through Europe Card Game – PREORDER


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The Backpacking Through Europe Card Game is a upcoming Kickstarter for 1-6 players from Travel Buddy Games.

Featuring photography from up and coming travel photographers and travel bloggers, the game will take players to France, Germany, England, Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, and Austria!

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Game Description from Board Game Geek:

“Europe is rich with history, culture, and wonderful people calling to you and your fellow backpackers to see as much as you can. In The Backpacking Through Europe Card Game the traveler who has the most memorable trips, wins!

The Backpacking Through Europe Card Game is a goal-driven hand management game that challenges players to craft carefully considered trips around Europe. On your turn you will decide whether to TRAVEL or PLAN the next stage of your trip.

To TRAVEL, play a single card from your hand matching exactly 1 transportation icon from your most recently played card.

To PLAN, take all cards of a single country from a public pool and add them to your hand.

Each destination a player visits provides them with victory points and bonus points can be earned by fulfilling the conditions of goal cards. Some goals include visiting the most destinations in a certain country, having trips of certain lengths, using specific kinds of transportation, and for making perfect round trip itineraries where your last destination provides transportation back to your first destination.

Goal cards change every game causing players to adapt to ever changing criteria for judging the value of a trip.

The backpacker who earns the most points, wins!”

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