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The Great Barrier Reef Card Game

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The Great Barrier Reef Card Game is a small-box card game for 1-5 players where you get to maintain a portion of the reef!

Pocket-sized, this game is perfect for travelers with engaging puzzly mechanisms that game players love!

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On your turn, play a card from your hand to extend your reef in an attempt to create patterns. Randomly selected scoring cards will tell you what patterns are in play.

Next, draw a card from the reef marketplace according to the number on the card you played. Each turn you will attempt to both improve your reef through your card play and ensure you are drawing the right card for your future plans.

Scoring conditions can be altered by covering up certain sea life in your reef with new cards.

Sponges provide nourishment for creatures living in the reef.
Sharks keep the balance by feeding on some fish and allowing others to thrive.
Invasive Crown-of-Thorns Starfish are bad for the reef and should be covered when possible.

The game ends when the deck runs out and players score based on how well they completed the patterns indicated.
Whoever builds the healthiest reef with the happiest sea life wins!

Playable in ~30 minutes, The Great Barrier Reef Card Game is a fun, approachable, take-anywhere card game that’s sure to delight travelers and gamers alike!

All copies of The Great Barrier Reef Card ordered directly from Travel Buddy Games come with an exclusive SCUBA Diver Promo card and 1 Extra Scoring Card to give your game even more replayability!

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Dimensions 4.13 × 3.27 × 1.97 in
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