Games that Bring You the World

Games that Bring You the World

bring the world to you

Travel Buddy Games singular goal is to make great games that bring you the world and inspire you to get out in it. I’ve talked multiple times about how easily I want our games to be to take with you anywhere. I think it is very important to make it easy for people to be able to share the things that bring them joy with the people they care about. To that end, we will be focused on making small box thematic games which showcase travel destinations that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home or easily take on the road with you.

I believe that this focus will allow us to deliver great games that travelers want to play and want to share with fellow travelers. Or friends with travel interest, if not experience. And yes, I do think this is a novel idea. But it is the combination of things that make it novel. There are already some great games out there that can bring the world to your living room. I know because I’ve played them – and they have inspired me.

Here is a small selection of games which might light a fire under you to go out and see the places that inspired them:

Granada Spain Board Game

The Alhambra game is set in Grenada, Spain and published by Queen Games. Players get to build their own Alhambra full of pavilions, gardens, towers, mezzanines, walls, and more. When you are finished you will have created your own beautiful, walled, Spanish city.

The real Alhambra is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain. It was originally constructed as a small fortress in 889 AD on the remains of Roman fortifications. Now more than 8,500 people visit the Alhambra every day!

French Carcassonne City Tile Laying Game

Carcassonne is a Z-Man game where players create a map of the French countryside in the region of Languedoc. It’s a tile-laying game which is something akin to a cross between dominoes and a puzzle with multiple solutions. Alternately relaxing and highly competitive, Carcassonne is a classic game!

carcassonne france

The game remains pretty faithful to the real Carcassonne in that when you are finished playing, the map you built with your friends will look a lot like this aerial photo of the southern French countryside. Though it is much more beautiful in person.

Jaipur India Card Game

Asmodee’s Jaipur card game invites players to become traders in the eponymous city and prove their skills to the maharajah who will invite the winner to the palace This game is probably closest in size to what Travel Buddy Games will strive to make, fitting easily in a carry-on bag.

The city of Jaipur is beautiful with countless palaces and muted colors making it a heck of a sight for its many visitors. It is the capital of Rajasthan and still houses some royal family members. Check it out and see if the place Lonely Planet calls “India’s most flamboyant state” might be the kind of place you’d like to visit.

Las Vegas Dice Game

Las Vegas (published by Alea) might be the game on this list that most effectively capture the spirit of its setting.  It’s a dice-chucking free for all where you compete with your fellow players to earn the most money. This one will certainly get your blood pumping!

Aerial Las Vegas Strip

What is there to say about Las Vegas that you don’t already know? It’s a neon infused, glittery playground for adults.  Food. Shows. Casinos and more. There’s good hiking nearby if you rent a car but most people go to sin city for the excitement of the strip.

Santorini Greece Board Game

If Las Vegas is the game that most captures the feel of its setting, Santorini is the game that best captures the look. Roxley games did a fantastic job or creating a beautiful game that teases your brain as you try to build and move to the top of Santorini’s famous blue roofed buildings.

Santorini Cyclades Greek Island

The real Santorini is stunning and the board game captures it well. Though nothing can capture it well enough that you shouldn’t consider a trip to this Cycladic island and enjoy the famous sunsets while soaking in the unique architecture and breathtaking landscapes.

These games are wonderful introductions to their associated destinations. I have enjoyed playing all of them and I keep a fair few of them in my collection of games. Though they are lovely, and I hope you take the time to check them our yourself, they sadly do not travel easily (with the exception of Jaipur). 

Travel Buddy Games will put out titles that are at least as fun an thematic as the games I’ve shared above, and infinitely easier to take with you. I intend to bring the world to you. I hope you bring the world to others in turn.

So, Have you been to any of these places? How did you like them?

Do you know of any other games that have similar travel destinations as their setting?

Let me know in the comments below.


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